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There are all essences for the IT exam in our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Developer Professional New 1z0-1084-22 Exam Cram exam questions, which can definitely help you to passed the IT exam and get the IT certification easily.

So our 1z0-1084-22 study materials are not only effective but also useful, You may be a businessman who needs to have an ability of computer; you may be a student who needs to gain a certificate to prove yourself.

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Download Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Developer Professional Exam Dumps

Which testing approaches is a must for achieving high velocity of deployments and release of cloud-native applications?

  • A. Integration testing
  • B. Penetration testing
  • C. A/B testing
  • D. Automated testing

Answer: D

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a number of DevOps tools and plug-ins for working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. These can simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure or enable automated testing and continuous delivery.
A/B Testing
While A/B testing can be combined with either canary or blue-green deployments, it is a very different thing. A/B testing really targets testing the usage behavior of a service or feature and is typically used to validate a hypothesis or to measure two versions of a service or feature and how they stack up against each other in terms of performance, discoverability and usability. A/B testing often leverages feature flags (feature toggles), which allow you to dynamically turn features on and off.
Integration Testing
Integration tests are also known as end-to-end (e2e) tests. These are long-running tests that exercise the system in the way it is intended to be used in production. These are the most valuable tests in demonstrating reliability and thus increasing confidence.
Penetration Testing
Oracle regularly performs penetration and vulnerability testing and security assessments against the Oracle cloud infrastructure, platforms, and applications. These tests are intended to validate and improve the overall security of Oracle Cloud Services.


What is the difference between blue/green and canary deployment strategies?

  • A. In blue/green, application Is deployed In minor increments to a select group of people. In canary, both old and new applications are simultaneously in production.
  • B. In blue/green, current applications are slowly replaced with new ones. In < MW y, Application ll deployed incrementally to a select group of people.
  • C. In blue/green, both old and new applications are in production at the same time. In canary, application is deployed Incrementally to a select group of people.
  • D. In blue/green, current applications are slowly replaced with new ones. In canary, both old and new applications are In production at the same time.

Answer: C

Blue-green deployment is a technique that reduces downtime and risk by running two identical production environments called Blue and Green. At any time, only one of the environments is live, with the live environment serving all production traffic. For this example, Blue is currently live and Green is idle.
Canary deployments are a pattern for rolling out releases to a subset of users or servers. The idea is to first deploy the change to a small subset of servers, test it, and then roll the change out to the rest of the servers. … Canaries were once regularly used in coal mining as an early warning system.


Which two are characteristics of microservices?

  • A. All microservices share a data store.
  • B. Microservices can be implemented in limited number of programming languages.
  • C. Microservices are hard to test in isolation.
  • D. Microservices communicate over lightweight APIs.
  • E. Microservices can be independently deployed.

Answer: D,E

Learn About the Microservices Architecture
If you want to design an application that is multilanguage, easily scalable, easy to maintain and deploy, highly available, and that minimizes failures, then use the microservices architecture to design and deploy a cloud application.
In a microservices architecture, each microservice owns a simple task, and communicates with the clients or with other microservices by using lightweight communication mechanisms such as REST API requests.
The following diagram shows the architecture of an application that consists of multiple microservices.

Microservices enable you to design your application as a collection of loosely coupled services. Microservices follow the share-nothing model, and run as stateless processes. This approach makes it easier to scale and maintain the application.
The API layer is the entry point for all the client requests to a microservice. The API layer also enables the microservices to communicate with each other over HTTP, gRPC, and TCP/UDP.
The logic layer focuses on a single business task, minimizing the dependencies on the other microservices. This layer can be written in a different language for each microservice.
The data store layer provides a persistence mechanism, such as a database storage engine, log files, and so on. Consider using a separate persistent data store for each microservice.
Typically, each microservice runs in a container that provides a lightweight runtime environment.
Loosely coupled with other services – enables a team to work independently the majority of time on their service(s) without being impacted by changes to other services and without affecting other services



Which two statements are true for service choreography?

  • A. Services involved in choreography communicate through messages/messaging systems.
  • B. Service choreography should not use events for communication.
  • C. Service choreography relies on a central coordinator.
  • D. Service choreographer is responsible for invoking other services.
  • E. Decision logic in service choreography is distributed.

Answer: A,E

Service Choreography
Service choreography is a global description of the participating services, which is defined by exchange of messages, rules of interaction and agreements between two or more endpoints. Choreography employs a decentralized approach for service composition. the decision logic is distributed, with no centralized point.

Choreography, in contrast, does not rely on a central coordinator. and all participants in the choreography need to be aware of the business process, operations to execute, messages to exchange, and the timing of message exchanges.


Which statements is incorrect with regards to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Notifications service?

  • A. It may be used to receive an email each time an OCI Autonomous Database backup is completed.
  • B. OCI Alarms can be configured to publish to a notification topic when triggered.
  • C. Notification topics may be assigned as the action performed by an OCI Events configuration.
  • D. A subscription can integrate with PagerDuty events.
  • E. An OCI function may subscribe to a notification topic.
  • F. A subscription can forward notifications to an HTTPS endpoint.

Answer: A

Notification service supports subscriptions topics: E-Mail, Function, Https, PagerDuty and Slack

Alarms: Notifications sends alarm messages when alarms are breached. The alarm message is sent to the topic specified in the alarm. For example, an alarm message might be configured for high CPU usage. See Managing Alarms.




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