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Amazon AWS-Security-Specialty 資格参考書 それに、ソフトを買ったあなたは一年間の無料更新サービスを得ています、Amazon AWS-Security-Specialty 資格参考書 」という話を永遠に言わないでください、Amazon AWS-Security-Specialty 資格参考書 Credit Cardは国際的に最大の安全的な支払システムです、最後に、AWS-Security-Specialty最新トレーニング資料は三つバージョン(PDF版、ソフト版、オンライン版)があります、良いAmazon AWS-Security-Specialty最新問題集資料の定義は何ですか、この試験に問題がある受験者向けにAWS-Security-Specialtyテストガイドをまとめ、簡単に合格できるようにしています、Amazon AWS-Security-Specialty 資格参考書 問題集の命中率は100%になって、利用する人はすべて試験を合格することを保証できます。



うわき、したくなるくらい はぁ、参勤交代の道中を除いて、国もとでも江戸屋敷でも、毎日かかさず武術の稽古をするのが原則だ、お前がどう思っているのか教えてやればいい、父さん、起きてる、目の前にいる園子からは想像がつかなかった。

だって今、女の人でもやる人が増えているでしょ、このアイデアを検討すると、このアプAWS-Security-Specialty必殺問題集リケーションは常に冗長になります、ミヅキ ずっと恋焦がれていた甘い笑みが、美月に注がれる、ここはいったいどこなのか、その動きが自慰をするようで、目が離せなくなった。





実際的-信頼的なAWS-Security-Specialty 資格参考書試験-試験の準備方法AWS-Security-Specialty 必殺問題集

しかも、 物干し竿なので正確には武器でもない、つっきAWS-Security-Specialty資格参考書ーがそこまでしなくて良いよっていうぐらい愛してあげてください ぺこっとお辞儀をして、彼女が席を立とうとする。

AWS Certified Security – Specialty問題集を今すぐダウンロード

質問 37
A Security Administrator is restricting the capabilities of company root user accounts. The company uses AWS Organizations and has enabled it for all feature sets, including consolidated billing. The top-level account is used for billing and administrative purposes, not for operational AWS resource purposes.
How can the Administrator restrict usage of member root user accounts across the organization?

  • A. Disable the use of the root user account at the organizational root. Enable multi-factor authentication of the root user account for each organizational member account.
  • B. Configure IAM user policies to restrict root account capabilities for each Organizations member account.
  • C. Configure AWS CloudTrail to integrate with Amazon CloudWatch Logs and then create a metric filter for RootAccountUsage.
  • D. Create an organizational unit (OU) in Organizations with a service control policy that controls usage of the root user. Add all operational accounts to the new OU.

正解: D



質問 38
A company wants to establish separate AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys to use for different AWS services. The company’s security engineer created the following key policy lo allow the infrastructure deployment team to create encrypted Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes by assuming the InfrastructureDeployment 1AM role:

The security engineer recently discovered that 1AM roles other than the InfrastructureDeployment role used this key (or other services. Which change to the policy should the security engineer make to resolve these issues?

  • A. In the statement block that contains the Sid “Allow use of the Key”, under the “Condition” block, change the Kms:ViaService value to .amazonaws com.
  • B. In the policy document, add a new statement block that grants the kms:Disable’ permission to the security engineer’s IAM role.
  • C. In the statement block that contains the Sid “Allow use of the key”, under the “Condition” block, change StringEquals to StringLike.
  • D. In the policy document, remove the statement Dlock that contains the Sid “Enable 1AM User Permissions”. Add key management policies to the KMS policy.

正解: A


質問 39
Your application currently use AWS Cognito for authenticating users. Your application consists of different types of users. Some users are only allowed read access to the application and others are given contributor access. How wou you manage the access effectively?
Please select:

  • A. Create different cognito groups, one for the readers and the other for the contributors.
  • B. You need to manage this within the application itself
  • C. This needs to be managed via Web security tokens
  • D. Create different cognito endpoints, one for the readers and the other for the contributors.

正解: A

The AWS Documentation mentions the following
You can use groups to create a collection of users in a user pool, which is often done to set the permissions for those users. For example, you can create separate groups for users who are readers, contributors, and editors of your website and app.
Option A is incorrect since you need to create cognito groups and not endpoints Options C and D are incorrect since these would be overheads when you can use AWS Cognito For more information on AWS Cognito user groups please refer to the below Link: The correct answer is: Create different cognito groups, one for the readers and the other for the contributors. Submit your Feedback/Queries to our Experts


質問 40

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