How To Get Bharat Petroleum Dealership? Cost, Apply Online, Contact Number

Bharat Petroleum Dealership | Bharat Petroleum Dealership Contact Number

Bharat Petroleum Dealership: Nowadays everyone uses gas to cook their food. Bharat Petroleum has released its gas outlet for the citizens of India, from where customers can easily fill gas cylinders and get a new connection. If you also want to take the dealership of Bharat Gas Company, then you have to read this article completely. Bharat Petroleum Limited (BPCL) is one of the top petroleum companies in India.

In today’s time, this company has made its network in many countries including India. In today’s time, gas agencies have opened almost everywhere, whether it is Indane Gas or Bharat Gas, but this company gives it to its dealership very easily at that place too. If you are also interested in taking Bharat Gas Company’s dealership, then we have explained its complete process below, you can easily take this company’s dealership by looking at it. It is quite easy to take the dealership of this company, you just have to follow the steps given below.

How To Get Bharat Petroleum Agency Dealership? 

In today’s time, the company has started giving dealerships to increase their business even more, due to which their customers will increase even more and the company will profit. Here along with the company, the person taking the dealership also gets good profits.  Before giving their dealership, the company checks that place well whether their product will be sold well here or not if they feel that they will sell well at the place where they are giving dealership. They provide dealerships if they feel that sales will not be done well in that location then they do not provide dealerships and you may have to change the location. In a way, a dealership can be called a branch of that company.

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Eligibility & Criteria Bharat Gas Agency Dealership

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen.
  • The age of the applicant must be 21 to 60 years.
  • If someone is a freedom fighter and he is applying then there is no restriction on his age limit.
  • The applicant should pass class 10.
  • To run a gas agency, the applicant should be physically and mentally healthy.
  • If you are a family member of any oil company employee then you will not be able to apply for this dealership.

Bharat Gas Agency Dealership Cost

There are many types of investments in this, such as if you buy your own land and open a store on it, then this investment becomes very high, and if you open your store in a rented room, then you only have to give them something in the name of security. If it happens and then you have to pay month-to-month rent, then your investment in this reduces a bit. Then after that, the company also has to pay something in the name of security, and the cost of building the warehouse and store is different.

  • Land:- Rs 30 Lakhs To 50 Lakhs (If the land is your own then this cost will not be applicable)
  • LPG Godown:- Rs.5 lakhs to 8 Lakhs Approx.
  • Office Cost:- Rs. 5 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs.
  • Other Chargers:- 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs.
  • Security Fee:- Rs 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs.

Total Investment:- 6 Lakhs To 8.5 Lakhs.

Land and Space Required For Bharat Petroleum Dealership

If you also want to take a Bharat gas dealership, then you have to take land at a good place in which you can easily open your store and warehouse. You have to take your store in the market so that whatever problem the customer may have, it should be in his nearest market and you have to open the warehouse at some empty place where the population is not settled, the main reason for this is security. If your store is small then work can go on but if your warehouse is small then your profit will be very less, that means the bigger the warehouse you have, the more profit you will earn.

Bharat Gas Agency Godown: – 1000 Square Feet to 1200 Square Feet

Office: – 200 Square Feet to 500 Square Feet

Other Space: – 200 Square Feet to 500 Square Feet.

Important Document Required For Bharat Gas Agency Dealership

Personal document (PD): – There are many documents inside the personal document such as: –

  • ID Proof: – Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card.
  • Address Proof: – Ration Card, Electricity Bill 
  • Bank Account with Passbook
  • Income Certificate & Age Proof
  • Photograph, Email ID, Phone Number
  • Education Certificate (10th & 12th)

Property Document:- The document of Property Document is checked

  • Complete Property document with title & Address.
  • Lease agreement.
  • NOC.

Business Document:- Some documents also come inside Business Document:-

  • GST No.
  • Registration No.
  • Financial Documents

Profit Margin Within Bharat Gas Agency Distributorship

If you want to know before taking Bharat Gas Agency dealership, how is the earning in Bharat Gas Agency dealership, then let us tell you that in this you get 30-40 rupees per refilling, that means you get 30 to 40 per 14.2 kg cylinder. There is a profit of Rs. And on the big cylinder, you get a profit of up to Rs.50.

Bharat Gas Agency Dealership Online Apply

If a person wants to apply online for Bharat Gas, then he can easily apply online by visiting the official website of Bharat gas, but there is no right in this that you will get a dealership but when the company according to your area, newspaper. You can take the Bharat Gas Agency dealership by applying online.

We have given below the official website of Bharat Gas, by clicking on which you can apply online by visiting their official website.

Bharat Gas Official Website:- Click Here

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Bharat Petroleum Dealership Contact Number

 If you face any kind of problem in taking the dealership of Bharat Gas Company, then you can solve your problem by contacting them.

Toll-Free Number:- 7715012345









Bharat Gas Agency Related FAQs

How to open Bharat Gas Agency?

If you want to open Bharat Gas Agency then you have to read this article till the end. In this, we have explained in detail the complete process of taking a gas agency.

What is Bharat Gas Agency Toll-Free Number?

Bharat Gas Agency Toll-Free Number is 7715012345.


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