Complete Guide on Stanchion Posts for Crowd Control

Stanchion may seem like a complex word for those who do not know what it means. But all of us have seen it. Stanchion post refers to the upright pole to which belts and ropes are attached for crowd control. If you visit malls, theatres or airports you see the poles with belts that are arranged to drive people in a queue. Those sturdy poles are stanchions. A classic crowd control equipment is a stanchion rope. They help to manage lines safely and efficiently. Well-organised crowds can result in increased sales. This is true in cases of supermarkets or even concerts. But one badly managed event can tamper with the reputation of the main organisation. Thus, the security department must be aware of how to use crowd control devices, where to place stanchion posts and what kind of stanchions to stock up on for crowd management.

Stanchions are steel posts that are connected with different materials and accessories to facilitate crowd control. The standard length for a retractable belt stanchion is 6.5 feet, and the typical width is 2 inches and a rope stanchion is 4 feet with typically 1.5 inches width. They can be categorised into 4 basic types depending on the material used. Let us understand in detail the role of stanchions and their varieties:

Post and Rope Stanchions: This is the most common type of stanchion post used for crowd control in many public places. Also called classic stanchions they come attached with velvet or twisted polypropylene ropes. These are straight metal posts with a circular flat base that keeps them stable. You can also attach them permanently if it is a dedicated event space with fixed methods of queuing.

Classic stanchion posts are available in different colours and finishes. In fact, there are also different types of stanchion ropes you can select depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor event. There is also an option to choose the finishing colour and style of the stanchion. While some of them can have a flat top, if you want a more elegant look, they are available in ball, urn or a crown. Some stanchion posts have a top where you can attach a sign frame.

Retractable Stanchions: Another widely used crowd control option is retractable stanchions. This stanchion has a canister which houses the belt. The belt can be pulled out and retracted from its canister with an internal spring mechanism. A quick and easy-to-use control system, you will find it at malls, airports, events etc. One important thing to consider while buying retractable stanchions is the safety mechanism with the nylon belt. If the belt retracts at high speed, it can cause injuries to the person handling the equipment. There is a law that states the belts have to slow down when they are retracting.

Plastic Stanchions: Plastic stanchions are good as a temporary crowd control measure, as they are not very durable. As the name suggests, these posts are made of plastic. They are lightweight and not sustainable for all weather. But they are hollow within and one can add sand, gravel or water to them to ensure stability. This stanchion has a C-hook on the side to attach chains or ropes to them. Plastic chains in multiple colours are available. You will see plastic stanchions used in underground parking spaces. These temporary barriers are typically used for indoor events. If you are a bit tighter on the budget, you can opt for this stanchion post as they are economical compared to the metal makes.

Safety Stanchions: Safety stanchions are specially designed for industrial purposes and traffic management. They are a type of retractable belt stanchions with caution tape belts. They are mainly used around construction works, maintenance areas or other places that denote danger to access. Safety stanchions are usually in bright yellow colour and come with attachments of safety/warning sign frames. A stanchion post with signage can also be placed at events to guide people towards the main hall, food area or restrooms. On some stanchion posts, there are words like ‘Caution’ or ‘No Entry.’ It is possible to customise these words as per one’s requirement. The tapes can also include the same printed messages or something like “Authorized Access Only.” Such safety stanchions are used in cafes and banks as well.

Safety stanchions usually have bright neon colours like red and orange that reflect even at night time.

These are the 4 basic types of stanchion posts, and you know their applications as well. Depending on the venue and event where you are employing crowd control measures, select the right kind of stanchion. Ensure you have high-quality materials that are durable and can withstand pressure, in case of any untoward incidents.

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