Difference between the Certificate and Diploma Programs in Fashion Designing

There are many enthusiasts around the world who wish to join the industry of fashion. Many freshers try to get into various fashion courses every year to start their journeys. However, there are various concerns of the students that baffle them. One of the major concerns of the students is what is the difference between the certificate and diploma programs for fashion design. You can learn about this right here. 

First of all, try to understand that you would find similarities in topics between both courses. Second, the courses have received their names as they are not full-time courses. They are not needed to be studied with other subjects such as mathematics, language, or social science. Thus, they are usually known as part-time courses. 

However, keep on reading to find out what is the difference between the two.  

Certificate Course in Fashion Designing

Let’s try to decode the certificate program first! A Certificate Course in Fashion Designing is laid out for teaching the basic outline of the course to the students. You will get all the basics of the subject. Thus, when you will opt for a different level in the same course, you would be able to understand it better. The duration of the certificate course is shorter. It would last from 3 months to 6 months.  

Diploma in Fashion Design

The diploma program is an advanced version of the same course. A Diploma in Fashion Design will take your subject knowledge to the crux. The topics are taken into depth. You would be able to understand all the aspects of fashion design that would help you start a career. The duration of the diploma programs is lengthier. A diploma program would last from 1 year to 2 years. 


You would, also, observe several differences between the diploma and certificate programs across the world. The certificate programs are majorly used to equip a person with adequate skills to make an earning from it. The diploma program, however, polishes the natural caliber of the person along with providing thorough conceptual knowledge and practical training in the course. 


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