How To Get Dulux Paint Dealership?

How To Get Dulux Paint Dealership | Dulux Paint Dealership | Dulux Paints Distributorship | Dulux Paints Dealership Cost

How to get dulux paint dealership? No matter which house is painted on it, it seems incomplete, but still today every person wants his house to be beautiful and shiny for everyone, and this people paint their house with different colours. Do it so that the house looks clean and beautiful. Regarding this matter, now science has also proved that if the environment around us is beautiful, then it increases the energy power inside us.

When there is a big function in the house or whenever there is a festival, people paint their house. There is a lot of profit in this business at the time of any festival. Especially people get their house painted during Diwali. In today’s post, we will tell you about Dulux Paint Dealership.

What is a Paint Shop?

The meaning of Paint is the colour that we get done on the walls of the house for the beauty of our house. Paint Shop is the place where we can buy different types of colours. You will find your favourite colours in Paint Shop more. If you want to do the business of Paint Shop, then you will have to take care of the important things for this and also work as a distributor. For the business of paint, you should know what are the types of colours and at the same time, you should also know which colour is more in demand in the market and identifying the choice of the people is one of these.

Requirements For Dulux Paint Dealership

Many things are needed to start this business, but the thing that is needed depends on the size of the business because they can start this work by renting a shop to start the business, or you can start it by making a new shop on your own land. Given below are some elements about which you need to be aware:

  • Place (Shop)
  • GST Number
  • Similar
  • Investment
  • Employee
  • Marketing
  • Profit

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Location For Dulux Paints Distributorship

When you start your paint shop, it is very important to have a good place for it. That’s why choose a place for your shop where people come and go and along with this, if your shop is in the main market then it will be very good.

If you do not choose the right place for your shop, then your business will be closed before starting or you will go into a huge loss. Apart from this, also see how many other shops of this type are there in the area where you are opening your paint shop. This is very important for you to know. Because your shop will run more in a place where your competitors will be less.

Whether it is a business or a shop, the place has a special importance in all. Because if you shop or store it in a place where the market is not near and the place is deserted, then you will only have to bear the loss from there, so the place should be selected carefully. Not making the right location choices can have a huge impact on the products your shop sells.

  • Space: 300 to 400 Square Feet

GST Number For Dulux Paint Dealership

If you start any business then some personal documents are required and some business-related licenses are required like:-

Personal Document (PD): There are many documents inside the personal document such as:

    • ID Proof: Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card
    • Address Proof: Ration Card, Electricity Bill, Insurance
  • Bank Account With Passbook
    • Photograph Email ID, Phone Number
  • Other Documents

Business Document (PD)

  • Business Registration
  • Business Pan Card
  • GST Number

Items Required For Dulux Paints Distributorship

You’re better off if you have some of the things you used to paint like brushes, rollers, touch hoods, sandpaper, POP putty, etc. and still have the ingredients. Because with this, customers will not have to go anywhere else to get these goods. They will also buy these items from your shop. You will also earn good from this. If you want, you can keep paints of other companies along with the paints of Dulux company, so that you will be able to fulfil the demand of the customer.

Dulux Paints Dealership Cost

When you talk about investment for a paint shop, then you first come across things related to the place for the shop like how much money you spend or invest for the place you want to take. After that, it comes to the goods available in your shop, of what quality do you sell the products in the same shop or use the same to make.

It is known to all that to get high-quality goods, more investment i.e. more money will have to be spent. Along with this, you will also have to make a place to keep the same in your shop, such that according to the weight and quality, you should keep them in order. Along with all this, the investment also depends on how many employees you will keep under you for your business.

Investment takes care of all those factors on which we spend in our business, whether it is about the products you sell or about the employees or your shop.  Dulux Paint Dealership

  • Investment:15 to 20 lakh rupees

Staff Required For Dulux Paint Dealership

The task of hiring employees completely depends on your business because you have to think from what level you are starting this work if you start this work with a large stock. If so, you will need 5 to 6 people for this.

But if you are starting this business on a small scale, then you will get the job done with fewer employees. You will need such employees for your business who are hardworking, educated and good-natured, who treat the customers who visit the store with courtesy.

Marketing For Dulux Paints Distributorship

For the marketing of a paint shop, you can get a banner outside your shop, you can get a card made in the name of the shop. Along with this, if you keep the quality of your paint good, then customers will automatically connect with your shop. For this, you have to pay special attention to the fact that the quality of paint in your shop should never decrease due to any reason.

Because if there is a complaint due to the quality of any goods sold from your shop, then questions start arising on your shop and problems may arise in running the shop for you. This business started by you runs more during the time of festivals, so you can also attract people for it by offering in paint during the festival.

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Profit in Dulux Paint Dealership Dulux Paint Dealership

This business earns you the most during the time of festivals. Because in festivals people clean the houses and paint or get them done together, so you can be sure that its sale will be more during the festival season. If the location of your shop is right and you have also been successful in adding customers to your shop, then you can earn from 1 lakh to 1.50 lakh rupees every month from this business.

During festivals, this figure can be doubled. If you choose the goods in a balanced way, there are many things in it which you have to keep in mind so that you will never take any loss in your work.


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