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Despite the fact that this is just the beginning, briefly describe the impact that HHC Distillate and its cousins have had on the world in recent years. There are so many new things to experiment with, from this beautiful plant to contemporary organic chemistry.

HHCO Distillate and HHC-P are cannabinoids that are related to HHC. What are their consequences, fundamental information, and the items we suggest? Knowing them will give you more confidence in your decisions and experiences.

What are the cannabinoids HHC and HHC-O?


Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC Distillate) was first discovered in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams, who hydrogenated Delta 9 THC into HHC by adding hydrogen molecules.

It is unknown if HHC shares the same pharmacological characteristics as Delta 9. Many users claim that it has slightly softer medical benefits than Delta 9 in terms of effects on pain relief, anxiety reduction, and relaxation. Additionally, it appears to have all the other adverse effects that we identify with Delta 9, including nausea, pain on both a physical and emotional level, increased appetite, etc.


HHC Distillate can be detected in trace concentrations in the cannabis plant’s pollen and seeds. It is a very stable, semi-synthetic, hydrogenated cannabinoid that is obtained from hemp.

Due to its beneficial benefits, HHC, a new cannabinoid, has progressively grown in popularity among online communities over the past two years and in the market. New HHC derivatives have been created as a result of the HHC’s success. In order to aid in a better comprehension of these fascinating new additions, how they compare to one another, and potential advantages, two of these cannabinoids—HHC-O acetate and HHC-P—will be explored.


HHC-O (Super HHC) (Super HHC)

HHCO Distillate, sometimes referred to as HHC acetate or HHC-O, is one HHC Distillate derivative. Compounds have frequently had acetate added to them throughout the history of medicine, creating them prodrugs. Before becoming active agents, prodrugs must go through chemical transformation through metabolic mechanisms. Because HHC-O has acetate added, it is now a prodrug. Enzymes in our body’s metabolism break down acetate, making HHC easily accessible to CB1 receptors.


Since HHC-O is the prodrug form of HHC, it has excellent therapeutic effects. While HHCO Distillate takes longer to act but lasts longer, HHC-C normally feels extremely quickly after it evaporates. Acetate has a bigger effect once it has been metabolized by your body because it binds to cannabinoid receptors more readily than HHC does by itself. One benefit of HHC-O is that it has a higher bioavailability than HHC Distillate alone, making it generally stronger. It can be used in a variety of food applications and has a lower viscosity than HHC. Compared to HHC, the favorable effects will be stronger.

Benefits & Effects, HHC, HHC-O, and HHC-P

All three substances offer a variety of medical and therapeutic advantages. They boost one’s cognitive abilities and increase hunger.

The most stable, longest-lasting, and moderately-effective substance is HHC Distillate. Compared to HHC, HHCO Distillate is more persistent. Although HHC-P is currently less well-known than other cannabinoids, it is more potent than all other cannabinoids.


These three cannabinoids have several advantages for the body and the mind, from reducing inflammation and promoting physical relaxation to calming and relieving anxiety.

Users frequently experience brain buzzing. They observed their positive attitude. Two more anticipated outcomes are motivation and excitement. Users and their experiences are used to report these potential effects. These cannabinoids still require a great deal of study.

Which is Superior?

HHC Distillate or HHC-O Lite may be preferable if you’re unfamiliar with this cannabinoid and unsure of how it will make you feel.

However, the HHCO Distillate Pro and HHC-O Pure are fantastic options if you are aware of your tolerance and wish to go a step further but not quite that far—perhaps halfway—but do not wish to go that far.


In comparison to HHC, HHC-O offers the smoothest steam imaginable and a more potent impact. Be wary of this intermediate zone in terms of potency. It is still functioning well.

HHC-P is ultimately the most thrilling derivative because even THC consumers with high tolerances will be shocked by its potency.


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