Extract Attachments from EML Files – Discover the most effective Techniques

Summary: You may need to extract attachments from EML files for various reasons, and in this article, we will explain how to do so.

EML is a single message file that serves as an electronic mail file extension. An EML file contains header information, attachments, URLs, and so on. It is a very versatile file format that is supported by many platforms, including Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat, and others.

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Extracting attachments from EML can help you in a variety of ways. It is now easier to work with them because you can search, edit, and open them. Furthermore, after you edit and rename the attachments, the original files remain intact.

How Do I Extract Attachments Out of EML Files?

There is no manual method that can assist you in extracting the attachments. Manual processes always endanger the integrity of your source data and are thus not recommended. As a result, using the EML Extractor tool is the only option. There are several advantages to using this solution, including:

  • Attachments should be extracted and saved to a local folder.
  • Extracts attachments from multiple folders.
  • The ability to use multiple conventions
  • Extract EML attachments from all email clients
  • In batch mode, save attachments from EML.
  • Ensures data integrity and security
  • It offers a free trial version.

How to Extract Attachments from EML Files

  • To browse and load the source files in the tool, click Add Files or Folder.
  • Following that, you must decide whether or not to keep the folder hierarchy.

  • Choose the attachment type, followed by the attachments to export from EML files.
  • Select the location where you want to save the extracted attachments by clicking the Browse button.

  • When you click the Process Now button, the attachments from EML files will be successfully extracted.


We discussed how to extract attachments from EML files in this article. The preceding content discusses the best methods for carrying out the process. The recommended software is a safe bet because it protects your source file data from corruption during the extraction process. You can download its free trial version and see if it works for you.


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