How To Get A Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership?

Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership

Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership: Hindustan Biodiesel is an Indian Crude Biodiesel Company. It was incorporated on November 09, 2009. This company produces Biodiesel at a good level within India and does business at a good level within India. The Authorized Capital of the company is Rs.50.0 Lakh and  2.0% is the paid-up capital which is Rs 1.0 lakh. The last Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Hindustan Biodiesel Private Limited was held on 30 September 2011. The company last updated its financials on March 31, 2011, as per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Hindustan Biodiesel Private Limited is in the business of Manufacturing (Metals & Chemicals and Products) for the last 12 years, slowly the company is increasing its business and the company has many Biodiesel Pumps inside India today and the company is increasing the number of its pumps. With which biodiesel can be provided in most areas of the country, then if a person wants to open a biodiesel pump, he/she can take Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership 2022.   

What is Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership? 

Today Hindustan Biodiesel has 50+ petrol pumps in India, which are operated by Hindustan Biodiesel, now the company is increasing the number of its petrol pumps and this company is going to open about 500+ Hindustan Biodiesel Dealership. 

And this work will be started by the company after a few days, so it is the right time for any person who wants to open the Hindustan Biodiesel Pump, but there are some rules that the company has to follow, only then the dealership can be found.  

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Eligibility Criteria For Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership

  • Your age should be between 21 years to 55 years
  • Must be Indian Citizen
  • Applicants should have at least a Graduate pass.
  • Applicant should have 5 years of working experience within the retail/service/hospitality industry
  • There should be strong financial credibility within the application.

Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership Investment 

Investment For Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership:- The applicant will have to spend 10 lakh to 20 lakh rupees to start a biodiesel pump and the investment depends on your location above the ground and to open a biodiesel pump will have to take legal approval from the government agency. As a legal approval, you will have to get a license, sales tax registration to sell biodiesel in retail, everyone will have to spend a lot for everything, different investments have to be made.

Land For Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership

Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership should have 800 square meters for cities and 1,200 square meters to 1,600 square meters for highways but if the land is taken on lease then there are some rules for starting Biodiesel Pump like for this the land should be levelled and developed, it should have good water facility and good electricity facility.

Land Documents For Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership

Documents related to land for Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership:

  • The land documents should be complete, in which the address and title of the property should be written.
  • Property maps should be prepared.
  • If the land is agricultural, then you have to convert it yourself, you have to convert it to non-agricultural. 
  • If you do not have your own land, then NOC ie No Objection Certificate will have to be obtained from the owner of the land.
  • If there is a water and electricity connection in the ground, then it is a good thing for you.
  • If your land is in the green belt then you cannot apply for a petrol pump.
  • If your land is taken on lease then it is mandatory to have a lease agreement.
  • It is mandatory to have a registered sales deed or lease deed.  
  • If the land is in the name of any of your family members then you can apply for a petrol pump.  For this, you will have to get a NOC and affidavit made.

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Documents Required For Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership

  • The application form – Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Land Documents including 7/12 extract and sale deed
  • Circle Rate
  • Site Plan
  • Photographs of the site
  • Specific documents needed to establish financial and business capability
  • DD for the application fee

Legal License and Permission Documents for Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership

  • CCOE is the approval document of the Department of Explosives.
  • One District Collector NOC and Police Commissioner NOC.
  • Approval of PWD, Electricity Board, Gram Panchayat.
  • Final CCOE License
  • National Highway Sanction
  • If forest land then NOC from forest department.
  • Retail license which is optional
  • Stamping weights and measurements.

Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Online Application Process 2022

If you want to take the Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealership follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Hindustan Biodiesel.
  2. On the home page, the option of Get Franchise will be found, click on it and then a form will open.
  3. Fill in all the details inside the form and submit the form, there will be a call from the company for a few days.

10 Important Notes For Hindustan Biodiesel Pump Dealerships

Hindustan Biodiesel Dealership Important Facts

  • The land on which you want to open Biodiesel, all the documents of that land should be complete and clean and the address and title should be written on them.
  • You should have the NOC of all the departments which we have told you above.
  • If you do not have full investment, then you can open petrol with one or two partners.
  • Your land should be above the road only then you can take dealerships.

How To Take Loan To Open Hindustan Biodiesel Pump?

Loan For open Hindustan Biodiesel Dealership:- There are some companies and banks which have started providing loans for Biodiesel Pump, so you can contact those companies and banks and take a loan for your business but nowadays facilities like restaurant above Biodiesel Pump  If you have started getting it, then you can take a business loan for them.

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