How to Export EML to Gmail with Attachments Directly?

Have you tried several methods to open an EML file with all of its attachments in a Gmail account? You haven’t, however, been successful in the procedure. Don’t worry then, Here, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions for the best and simplest method of importing EML into Gmail.

The Email Migrator program makes it simpler to migrate your EML files to Gmail. You don’t have to be concerned about email or file size limitations. There are no size restrictions on the number of files you can move.


With the aid of this software, you may filter your data for better migration, preview all of your data before it is changed, and use its user-friendly GUI, which is simple to use for everyone.

Also, you can select the list of mailboxes you wish to transfer and add or remove files from it. We also offer customer help via email & chat. Let’s look at a user example before we talk about the steps:

User Inquiry In order to access all of my info from my Gmail ID, I wish to move EML files to my Gmail account. To do this, I attempted a variety of manual methods, but they were unsuccessful. I can’t risk losing my info. Please advise me on the best way to import EML to my Gmail account in a few easy steps without losing any data. I appreciate it.

How to Access an EML File in Gmail Immediately

The MailVita EML to Gmail Migration tool for Mac or Windows is a complete solution created to allow users to directly transfer EMl files to Google accounts. Also, it supports the transfer of EML files to a number of email providers, such as Yahoo Mail, AOL, Zoho Mail, etc.

Moreover, you may convert EML to PST for Outlook, EML to MBOX, PDF, HTML, CSV, vCard, and more than 15 other formats. Also, it provides a free demo of the tool so that you can test the functionality by transferring 10 EML files to your Gmail account.

The application also serves as the greatest EML Attachment Extractor, assisting you in obtaining all email attachments. Also, with the aid of this software, you may extract phone numbers from EML files.

Direct EML Import to Gmail Account Steps Include:

  • Open the EML Conversion tool. Choose EML files by clicking on Email Data Files.

  • Add the necessary files and preview them prior to migration.
  • Apply filters by selecting the search button if you want to export only some of the migration data.
  • At this point, pick Gmail as the saving choice under the Export option in order to import EML files into Gmail.
  • Input your Gmail account’s login information. To begin the migration, click the Save button.

Important Characteristics of the EML to Gmail Migration Tool

  • Bulk EML File Upload: The Import tool enables you to mass upload a number of EML files. When using the program to open an EML file in a Gmail account, there are no file size restrictions. Also, it aids in full migration, which includes inbox, draft, sent, deleted, etc.
  • We understand that you don’t want to lose your data during the EML transfer, so please migrate with attachments. Due to the clever architecture of this program, all attachments from an EML file will be imported into Gmail. There is no chance of data modification during the process.
  • Windows Compatibility: This program can be installed on any Windows operating system, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc. Also, you will receive 24/7 customer support in the event that you run into problems during the conversion process. Our customer care representatives will gladly assist you.
  • The folder structure is retained: When you open an EML file in your Gmail account, every component is exactly the same. The internal folder hierarchy and email structure will remain unchanged. The metadata from the original file, including to, cc, bcc, subject, hyperlinks, internet header, etc., will be retained.
  • Free Download Available: You can import EML for free into Gmail using the demo version, however, there are some restrictions. But, the trial edition of the program allows you to test out its capabilities without paying anything. So stop waiting and get this program right away!


Without the proper email conversion tool, converting EML to Gmail might be a challenging operation. There are numerous areas where doing it manually can go wrong, in addition to the time limits. So, to answer the question of how to access an EML file in a Gmail account, we’ve advised using an automatic solution like EML Migrator.

It is a very effective application that has been created by specialists specifically to import EML to Gmail together with attachments. Because of this, you can trust an app like this to complete the task for you know that all of your needs are met.

Also, if you’re unsure if this program will meet your demands, don’t worry—we provide a free trial version that enables you to convert one or two files so that you can see how well it functions before switching to a licensed version if required!


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