How To Start A Biofloc Fish Farming?

How To Start A Biofloc Fish Farming

How to start a biofloc fish farming? Biofloc culture is a leading-edge and cost-efficient technology in which the waste material of fish material such as nitrites, nitrates and ammonia is re-produced into an auxiliary product, i.e. supramolecular feed.

This biofloc culture technique is widely used because it is restricted with zero water exchange, strong aeration, high stocking density and accumulation of biofloc.

Culture of Biofloc gives rise to more products if the culture tanks are well exposed to the sun. As sunlight increases the biofloc bacteria convert the ingredients into macromolecule food for the fish. Here we are going to tell you everything related to how to start a biofloc fish farming.

Advantages of Biofloc Fish Farming System

Below is a list of the benefits of the Biofloc system:

  • It is considered an eco-friendly culture system.
  • It minimizes the environmental impact.
  • Improves land and water use efficiency
  • Limited Or Zero Water Exchange
  • High productivity (it enhances growth performance,survival rate, feed conversion within fish culture systems).
  • More biosafety.
  • Reduces pollution and also reduces the risk of introduction and growth of pathogens
  • Cost effective feed production.
  • This reduces the employment of protein-rich feed and even reduces the cost of simple feed.

What is Biofloc Fish Farming?

Biofloc is a profitable method of fish farming. It is popular around the world as an alternative to open pool fishing. This is a reasonable way in which waste products toxic to fish such as nitrates, ammonia and nitrites can be converted into feed. The idea of ​​this technology is to recycle the nutrients present in the Biofloc tank.

Biofloc helps wash away fish culture water while providing a high nutrient source of feed. This is an eco-friendly method.

Fish farming at high densities requires some waste management system. Biofloc can be primarily a wastewater treatment system if we look deeper into it. It was started to prevent diseases caused by water coming into a field.

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Nutritional Value Of Fish Grown in Biofloc Fish Farming

Biofloc is a special heterogeneous arrangement of aggregated suspended materials that includes a variety of microorganisms for example bacteria, algae, fungi, invertebrates, and detritus, etc. It is a protein-rich feed with live microorganisms produced as feed. Sunlight by converting waste, unused feed, and excreta of culture species into natural food. Now you may have doubts in your mind as to how each group is tied to each other.

These flocs are held together by a loose matrix developed by the mucosa secreted by the bacteria and in turn bound by electrostatic adhesion of filamentous bacteria. Usually, these flocs are never seen and they are microscopic but some flocs are comparatively large which can be seen using naked eye.

The size of the floc can be 70-200 µm. These phloxes have a high nutritional value where the dry weight protein content ranges from 25–50%, the fat content can range from 0.5–15% and is also a potential source of vitamins, minerals, and especially the phosphorous content.  Similar is probiotics. This biofloc is dried and used as a major ingredient for fish meal instead of soybeans in feed. Compared to other feeds, this feed from Biofloc is improving aquaculture significantly.

Establishment Requirements For Aquaculture In The Biofloc System

It demands the following to provide a Biofloc system for aquaculture. This includes- 0.1 hectare of total space, culture pond with fresh water in 45 days,

Culture period for Biofloc system and mud pond for about 30 days, stocking rate per hectare should be 10 in 60 liters of water, survival rate in clean water is about 60%, survival rate in mud pond. The rate is around 56% and in comparison to these Biofloc sees a survival rate of 80%.

Required License to start Biofloc Fish Farming Business

  • Certificate from the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA)
  • Permissions from the Fishermen’s Cooperative Society
  • PAN and Aadhar card details
  • GST registration
  • Land and lease agreements

Investment Required To Start Biofloc Fish Farming

You will get good returns when you plan to invest in Biofloc Fish Farming. A person can start with a single Biofloc fish tank. The area required to install a tank is approximately 4.5 in diameter. The cost of arranging a tank is approximately Rs.45,000 which comes as a lump sum investment. Biofloc FIsh Farming English

  • Cost of fish reared in Biofloc system 16,00,000 pieces (50 paise per piece) – Rs.80,000
  • Cost of feed in Biofloc system – Rs.10,000
  • Chemical source only ammonium sulphate is used – Rs.1,000
  • Cost of Carbon Source- Rs.6,000
  • Labor Charge- Rs.8,000
  • Harvesting fee – Rs.1,000
  • The miscellaneous charges in Biofloc system are slightly higher as it consumes more energy for mixing and aeration- Rs.50,000
  • Total cost involved in setting up the Biofloc system- Rs.1,56,000.

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Profit Margin in Biofloc Fish Farming System

In a tank we can keep around 600 fishes and if the cost of feed is estimated then it will be around Rs.12,000 for 4 months. If we consider other variables which are around Rs.8,000 we can still get a profit of 20,000 per tank in 4months.


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