How To Start A Juice Bar Business?

How To Start A Juice Bar Business

How To Start A Juice Bar Business? Opening a juice shop is a profitable business because today everyone takes care of their health and everyone has become aware that’s why they eat good fruits, drink good fruit juice, eat good food, so juice business runs at a good level.

You can sell many different types of fruit juices. Talking about the juice sold throughout the year, it contains sugarcane juice and juice of pineapple, seasonal, etc. In this way, you can do juice business according to the season and it is such a business that you can start with a small investment and well. Earning can be done within this business, in this article we will tell you about How To Start A Juice Bar Business in detail.

Things To Required For For A Juice Shop

Many things are needed to start this business, but what is needed depends on the size of the business because this business can be started from home or this work can be done by renting a shop.

  • Machines
  • Place (Shop)
  • Investment
  • Confectioner
  • Marketing
  • Electricity, Water Facilities
  • GST Number

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Juice Shop Business Cost

Investment in this business depends on this business and machine and shop because if you have your shop then less investment has to be done and if you buy shop then you have to invest more and machine if manual. If you take it then less investment is required and if you take a machine with light then you have to invest more.

  • Shop: Around Rs.10,000 can be rented
  • Machine: Around Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 Lac

Total Investment: Around Rs.1.5 Lakhs Lakhs To Rs.2 Lakhs

Space Requirements For Juice Shop

For this, the choice of the place should be done properly because getting the bike and car repaired has become a part of life for everyone, so the choice of the place is an important part of it. The shop should be in such a place from where there is more movement of people, for opening a juice shop, you have to choose a place which is outside the market, hospital, gym, school or college.  Because there you will get a lot of customers.

  • Space: 150 to 200 Square Foot

License and Registration Required For juice shop

You have to apply for some registration and license to start this business which are as follows –

  • FSSAI: This business is a business related to food items, so you will need to get your quality checked and get FSSAI registration done. And have to obtain the necessary license.
  • Tax Registration: You are also required to do tax registration ie GST registration for your business.
  • Trade License: It is very important to get a trade license for your business. So you have to get this too.

Raw Material Required for Juice Shop

To open a juice shop, you will need the following things –

  • Fruits and Vegetables: First of all fruits and vegetables will be required which should be fresh.
  • Ice: Apart from this, there should be ice because in summer people like to drink cold juice by adding ice to the juice.
  • Dry fruits: Juices are also made of dry fruits, so you must keep them in your shop too. Let us tell you that in different fruit juices, many people also like to drink by adding dry fruits on top.

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Profit Within The Juice Shop Business

As you know how many health-conscious people have become these days. People these days prefer healthy food and drinks more than fast food. Whether it is summer or winter, this business runs throughout the year, so you will earn a lot of profit in this business. Your profit will depend on your location and what kind of services you are providing to your customers.

Still, by estimation, you will be able to earn up to 25,000-30,0000. For more profits, focus on providing good services to your customers because once your customers are tied up then you will make a lot of profit.

How To Do Marketing Of Juice Shop Juice Bar Business? 

Google My Business is a free tool from Google so that you can put your grocery store business in Google’s listing. If you want to find your shop, then it will be very easy to get all the details of your store on Google.

Google My Business will bring your store name, shop access directions, phone numbers, reviews, ratings, images, and details all in one place to your customers.  Apart from this, if someone is looking for a grocery store near you in any area and your general store is coming in the range of the USS area, then the name and details of your shop will also come in the list of Google so that your general store can easily be found by anyone.


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