How To Write Fiction Novel; Beginner’s Guide

Hundreds and thousands of novels are written every year by writers around the world. For some people writing is passion, they are in their truest form and express them wholeheartedly. There are many reasons why people write novels; it can be to persuade the readers of something they couldn’t achieve. They also write about their life that was once filled with a tsunami of emotions but were unable to express it.

In any way, writing is a complicated task that is time-consuming, brain-teasing, and tiring. Nothing good comes without practice. A writer must have practiced his/her thoughts to achieve good writing. If you are a beginner then this guide is for you. You can have a look at these tips when writing a fiction novel.

Can Someone Write A Novel For Me

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  Select The World You Are Eager To Explore

Any reader that has planned to read a book has already decided by the title what he is going to discover. For you to write a novel you must sit and think about where you see yourself writing a book. Know your world of exploration. It might take you years, months, and days but once the motto is decided everything is going to go smoothly. Pick an interest that you know will keep you engaged, is interesting, and is good enough to write a novel on it.  Be simple and straightforward, but if it’s a fantasy world then all the mysteries are yours.

Main Characters

After you have mind mapped your thoughts, list down your main characters. Your characters will play an important role in keeping the readers intact with the story. Delve into the role of the character and make sure that his/her traits are of great impact. A strong and influential character is the route to a successful novel. Your character’s name has to be realistic enough to leave an effect on the readers. People are more interested in realistic characters than illusionary ones. Choose the names accordingly, and focus on the character’s origin. The names vary from region to region. To add an element of reality name choices matter.

Figure Out The Plot

Figuring out worst- and best-case scenarios beforehand will help you make your plot lines in an organized way. Follow the pattern and prepare yourself for all the upcoming events, and conflicts between your characters which are the rising action, climax the most turning part in your novel, the falling action where your characters might die,  and the final ending. All these situations should revolve around the characters and not something that readers are confused about. Adding new characters from nowhere might make the readers left confused.

Be Persistent and Clear

When a reader has built a connection with the characters, they tend to take it till the end. For your readers to stay intact with the story make sure you are consistent with the storyline. Characters with changing identities and names make the reader lose interest.

Readers prefer to read clear and appealing text. A non-continuous text leaves them in question. Each chapter should contain a meaning and should fulfill the meaning of the previous ones. Leave surprises for the next chapter.

Take A Break

A writer needs to rest since he is been swamped with ideas and thoughts. Before he starts struggling because of writer’s block a small break to clear the mind is necessary. A break will clear your mind and gather energy. Working continuously makes the mind numb and the ideas get fade away. A new perspective can be built and the more focused you become a small break.

Overworking will only lead to a stressful and burdened mind which is not good for a writer when writing a novel. Meanwhile what you can do is replay what you have written so far so that you can reflect upon your characters and plot.


To wind up the thoughts, a clear perspective, brainstorming, mind mapping, and some little breaks all these tips should be considered if you are writing a novel.


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