Is iPad Battery Replacement The Best Solution If The iPad Keeps Shutting Down?

It is extremely annoying when the iPad keeps shutting down, especially when you have some important work. A number of users have faced this problem at some point or another. Most people feel that iPad battery replacement is the best solution for this issue. However, there are a few things that you can do before you think of replacing the iPad battery. The first thing we normally try with the iPad is turning it on and off. Some also try charging it but what to do if it still doesn’t work even after full charging? Let us first understand the possible reasons for the sudden iPad shut down. 

Why does the iPad keep shutting down?

There can be a number of causes for the iPad shutting down –

  • A software bug causes the iPad to unexpectedly shut down.
  • iPad’s battery is very hot or damaged or worn out and there is a need for iPad battery replacement.
  • There is a hardware problem like some components internally.
  • There are some apps that are incompatible with your iPad.

Some steps that you can take to stop your iPad from shutting down

  1. Checking the health of the iPad battery – Go to settings and see if the battery is working optimally. If not, it may have degraded over time and an iPad battery replacement is required.
  2. Recharging – Improper functioning of the battery as well as the related software may also be the reason that could prevent the iPad from working smoothly. One resolution is to totally drain the iPad battery. After all the charge is over, plug the device into the mains and let it charge completely. Later, disconnect and see if it works. 
  3. Declutter – If your iPad still keeps shutting down, it is time to declutter the storage. Useless files, application cache, unnecessary videos, etc. may have taken up a lot of storage space.
  4. Use the latest version – Update the iPad to the latest version of iPadOS and see if it will fix the problem. Software updates may be able to fix the random shutting down of the iPad.
  5. Force restart the iPad – Trying a hard reset on the iPad. 
  • On an iPad with a Home Button – Press and hold the Sleep or Wake button and also the home button till the Apple logo can be seen.
  • On iPad without a Home Button – Press and release the Volume Up button as well as the Volume Down button. Hold the Top button till the Apple logo comes up.
  1. Performing a Power Cycle – If an iPad gets hot, it can mean it is overworked or the battery is faulty. Power cycle your iPad to determine if there are any issues with the battery or software.
  2. Update Apps and Delete Problematic Ones – There may be a problematic app that is causing your iPad to shut down. If this is the cause of the problem, then your iPad will most probably shut down when you are using that app. If there are a lot of such apps, it will be better to update them all.
  3. Resetting All the settings – In case there is a change in the settings which causes the iPad to turn off, reset all settings on the iPad.  
  4. Do Factory restore – If everything else has failed the best option is to restore the iPad. However, make sure to take a backup of the device before factory restoring it for reducing the chances of any data loss. Connect your iPad to the computer. Open iTunes/Finder and choose the device. Then choose the Restore iPad and follow all the on-screen instructions that appear on the screen. This will make the iPad almost as good as new. There should be no issues with the software or with data corruption. Make sure to check if the iPad is functioning properly now or if there is still the problem of the iPad shutting down on its own.
  5. Contact a reliable iPad repair centre – If none of the above solutions has worked, contact your nearest Apple Service Centre or a trusted repair centre where you can get an iPad battery replacement done. 


The unexpected shutting down of the iPad can happen quite often and can be fixed on your own by taking a few steps. With the help of the solutions discussed above, you can fix your iPad issues, before considering an iPad battery replacement. However, if the above solutions are not working out for you, then there might be a serious problem with the iPad hardware which is a cause for concern. The best solution, in this case, is to get in touch with the nearest Apple Service Centre or a trusted repair centre to get your device checked. 


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