How To Get KFC Franchise In India: Cost, Apply Online, Contact Number

How To Get KFC Franchise In India | KFC Franchise | KFC Franchise In India | KFC Franchise Cost In India

If you want to know how to get KFC franchise in India, then this can be a profitable business for you. At this time KFC has maintained its good business in India. 

At present, KFC is ranked number one in the food business in India. KFC is not a new company, it was started in 1932, while its franchise started in 1952.

What is KFC Franchise? 

In the immediate time, every big company not only opens its branches to expand itself but also allows opening franchises to connect other businessmen with them.  

KFC also allows opening franchises, which are called KFC franchises, to share their brand name and way of doing business.  

In other words, this franchise means that you promote your business in the name of a big company, using its brand. Due to this, you will not need to do marketing and you will also establish your business quickly. In return, you will have to give some part of the profit you earn to that company and you will also have to pay a fee while taking the franchise.  

Taking the KFC Franchise simply means that you can sell famous dishes of KFC made by you in the name of KFC. You will also be trained for this.

KFC Full Form

The KFC company first started by making fried chicken, which was made by its owner himself.  Fried Chicken is the main food product manufactured by KFC. That’s why it was named Kentucky Fried Chicken on this basis, which is the full name of KFC.

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KFC franchise Qualifications

Getting a KFC franchise is a very difficult task, as some qualifications have been prescribed before giving it, which is divided into four parts.  If you are going to apply for a franchise, then keep these four things in mind.

Annual Earnings (Financial Qualifications)

If someone wants to take a franchise of KFC in India, then his net worth should be between 9 to 10 crores. Not only this, property up to five crore rupees should be in the form of cash or there should be any such asset that can be converted into cash quickly. 

However, this limit may be more or less depending on the location and size of the franchisee. It is clear from these figures that you will have a lot of assets, only then you will be able to take the franchise of KFC.

Multi-Unit Operations Experience

If we talk about it, then KFC gives its franchise to only those people who have experience in the restaurant sector before. Or have ever worked in KFC, otherwise have experience of any other company like KFC.  

Although this will give you some preference, having such experience is beneficial but not necessary. Not only this, if your profile looks good, then your chances of getting a franchise will increase.

Personal and Financial Reputation

Relationship with the market and banks means that you are not insolvent in your country, or have not taken any loan of any kind from the bank. Along with this, your name should be well known in the field of business, there should not be any criminal case registered against you.  

For this, your credit score should be at least 700, so that if you need money in the future, you can easily get the loan. On the other hand, if you have a good record of doing business, then KFC will also benefit you and you will be given priority first.

Motivation And Commitment Towards Business

KFC is a big and world-famous company for its recipes. On the other hand, KFC requires those customers to take franchisees who can run the business for a long time.  

KFC company from time to time provides Businesses advice and guidance to the franchisee on how to run the business for a long time.

How To Get KFC Franchise In India? 

  • To apply for KFC Franchisee, you have to apply by visiting its official website. This means you have to fill in some of your information by visiting this link Keep in mind that this process is the first to get your franchise, so all the information should be filled in by you accurately. Because KFC pays special attention to all the small details and even a small mistake of yours can become the reason for not getting the franchise.
  • For that, you have to fill in your full name and your permanent residence address. Along with this, you fill in your email id and your contact form i.e. you will also have to fill in your mobile number.  So that you can easily be contacted through KFC.
  • Along with this, you also have to make sure that at what time you will be available to talk, if you are successful in the first process then you will be contacted by KFC and further process will be told.
  • If your application form is not successful due to any reason then you do not have to be disappointed. Because KFC is very strict in giving its franchise. But if you fail then you can apply again next time.
  • Not only this, if you want to open its franchise anywhere outside the US, then you can go to this link and find the contact details of KFC Franchisee Distributor of all countries.
  • For example, if you want to open a franchise in India, then you can directly contact Prasanna Kumar, Head of Yum Restaurants Pvt Ltd through email Or you will have to talk to any other member of Yum Restaurants Pvt Ltd about it.

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KFC Franchise Cost In India

The amount involved in opening a KFC franchise is about Rs 2 crore in Indian rupees.  This business is often opened by such people, whose financial condition is very strong.  Because a lot of cost has to be incurred in its decoration and maintenance.

Simply put, collect the amount from 2 to 5 crores and keep it in advance. Out of which about one-third of the money goes to buy food items and two-thirds goes to prepare the structure of the restaurant.

KFC Franchise Fee And Percentage Formula

You have to pay the entire cost to open the franchise and build your shop, after that the fee depends on what kind or level of franchise you take from KFC. You have to pay 5 percent of the entire earnings as royalty and 5 percent as a promotional fee. Not only this, after 2 to 3 years you also have to get the franchise renewed.

Documents Required For KFC Franchise

KFC demands FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) before giving its franchise. In which all the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement, development agreement, financial agreement company are mentioned prominently. Once all the terms and conditions of these documents are agreed upon, they are signed by you and the company.

Other Documents

In other documents, you will have to give documents related to your franchise, such as whose land belongs to you and what is your right on that land.  

Along with this, you will have to give multiple proofs of your property along with your citizenship-related documents. If you are an Indian, then an Aadhar card, PAN card, and Voter ID may also have to be submitted.

KFC Franchise Profit

After opening the franchise of KFC, almost or the estimated three times the profit is received within a year. But for this, it depends more on the kind of area in which you have opened the franchise. Opening a KFC franchise is an easier and better option to make a quick start in the business in the food sector and earn more money in less time.

The best thing is that the price of all the food items made by it or sold in its name is already fixed in the market.

Location Selection For KFC Franchise

Before taking or making a franchise, take full stock of the place where the franchise is to be made. Investigation means that the franchise should be opened in a place where there is a large population of people and for that, you have to take a tour of that place, as well as you have to see what kind of people live. Means where people with money live, choose that place only. Apart from this, the place near any shopping mall, talkie, company or college can be very beneficial for you.

How to Select a Staff Member in a KFC Franchise Business?

For franchising, you have to choose people who have already worked in this field.  You can also include experienced people from the restaurant in your franchise. Once you have selected the people, then the people selected by you will be given training. During the training, they will be told how to work.

After assessing all this information, it is understood that KFC provides its franchise to them. People who are strong both financially and mentally.  In simple words, only the traders who keep the account of crores can take this business i.e. franchise. You can multiply your wealth by investing money in it.

KFC Franchise Contact Number

Yum! Restaurants International, 12th Floor, Tower-D, Global Business Park, Gurgaon -122002

Phone: 0124-4025100



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