Things to keep in mind to avoid damage to your tractor grip tyre for bike!

In a moving vehicle, tyre is the only element that is in direct contact with the road. The grip is a necessary factor that helps in the proper movement of a bike. The stability that you experience in a bike is due to the tractor grip bike tyre that steadily moves on the road to make your ride faster, smoother and safer. Among other parts of the bike, tyres have a larger scope of wearing out that eventually impacts the overall efficiency of your vehicle. However, with proper care and precautionary measure, we can delay the wear-out process of a bike tyre. 

What is Friction? How it affects your tyre? 

Just like all other mechanical devices and objects, your tyre will also wear out with time. It isn’t like your tyres are indestructible. However, the major destruction caused to your tyre is due to the friction it experiences with the road that results in the tyre wear and tear. Friction as we all know is the force resisting the relative motion of fluid layers, solid surfaces, and material elements that are sliding against each other. The friction between the tyre and the road wears out the rubber which is the outer layer of a tyre. This reduces the resilience of the tyre which eventually results in tyre malfunctioning. Your driving habits and the tread you choose to drive your bike also affect the life of your tractor grip tyre for Pulsar, Splendor, Apache, Avenger, etc. High-speed results in increased friction that further results in harm to your bike tyres. 

Factors that affect the life of your bike tyres adversely

There are several factors that affect the life of your bike tyres adversely, let’s have a look at some point. 

Not finding the right match!

Installing a tyre that is the right fit for your bike is utterly important. Every tyre manufactured has different patterns, sizes, and loading capacities. This loading capacity differs across brands. If you mix different tyre technologies and construction techniques of different brands, you in a way, disturb the entire balance and performance between the four tyres and negatively impact the lives of all tyres. 

The pressure on tyres!

Not only under-inflation of tyres is harmful, but over-inflation is also equally harmful. In both cases, the tyre is under unnatural pressure. This results in the tyre being subjected to excessive wear and tear. In most cases of over-inflation, excessive wear and tear on the shoulders and tread of the tyre are experienced. In over-inflated tyres the radial deformation is also accelerated to a much greater extent than in under-inflated tyres.

Aligning the wheels right!

The alignment of the wheels of the vehicle to the vehicle axle can have a major role in the longevity of tyres. This is because when the alignment of your car tyres is correct, the contact between the tyre and the road is uniform with no uneven pressure on the tyre. This in turn helps to maintain your car’s balance and reduces the chance of the tyre getting damaged.

Chassis Condition!

The chassis of your car is the primary link between the wheels and the road. It consists of the suspension system, the braking system, the steering, and the transmission. All these components work in tandem to provide you with a smooth ride and optimum handling. The condition of these components has a direct impact on the life of your tyres.

End Note

To ensure that your driving experience is comfortable and safe, investing in a top tyre brand is surely worth it. Now that you know about the factors that affect the life of your tractor grip tyre for bike, you can take better care of them and get necessary maintenance tasks done promptly.


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